“We believe you can’t have technology without the service, so we provide technology as a service.”   -Andrew Jahnke, Chief Technologist

RainTech has been a leader in IT since 2001. Being among the very first in the nation to introduce cloud solutions, we have maintained our status by staying on top of new and transforming technologies, security, and regulatory compliance that affect many vertical markets.  We don’t believe in just maintaining the status quo. Our clients feel confident in knowing that we maintain our own state of the art Cloud infrastructure, which allows us to customize solutions based on their individual business needs.

“Our biggest concern was protecting our patient records… Being able to easily comply with more of the regulations as they begin to hit us harder in this electronic age -which is being mandated by the government now. I feel we are a step ahead. If something happens, I don’t have to worry- I just pick up the phone or email you guys and it’s fixed! No Loss of data…It’s such great peace of mind!”


“As a prominent law firm here in town, we can’t afford computer downtime when it comes to the services we provide our clients. The IT Umbrella from Rain Tech has simplified our computer network, given us a reliable system that grows easily with our firm, and lets me sleep better at night knowing we have world-class security, support, and backup and disaster recovery procedures in place that I don’t even have to think about. It’s affordable, it’s predictable, it’s all-inclusive – with Rain Tech, IT is just that easy!”


“Before working with Rain Tech, walking by the server room was stressful. I would worry about whether or not it’s going to break down, or if we’re going to have another problem with it. The single biggest benefit of being covered under RAIN’s IT Umbrella is knowing that someone else is taking care of the nuts and bolts of the system. I would definitely recommend it!”

KellyBusiness Owner

“Thanks so much for all you do to make things here function properly.  I am so glad we hired a quality company that truly is concerned about our data security, information technology and communication functionality. “


“Raintech is where it’s at. Their prompt help, knowledge and troubleshooting skills make them a powerhouse of an ally in IT. The techs care about their customers, the manager knows people by name and they have had zero downtime. They won’t let you down.”

ZachDistrict Tech

“When providing healthcare to patients it’s imperative to have 24/7 access to information.  With over 19 years experience with HealthCare IT, Andrew and his staff understand the importance and urgency in having our multiple charting platforms up and running 24/7.  They are willing to go above and beyond to work with numerous vendors to resolve issues or to be available on site for implementations and upgrades.  RainTech brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance our ability to take care of our patients.”

HeatherHealth Informatics Director

“I have had the privilege of working with RainTech for over seven years. They are truly an amazing group of people! Every employee is knowledgeable and will not only take the time to fix any problems you may have, but they really take the time to educate their clients so everyone feels more comfortable navigating this ever changing world of technology. They are professional yet personable, and you really get familiar with the people at RainTech and it makes any issues you may have seem manageable because you can really trust this group. They truly care about their clients success, I do recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

AuroraAdministrative Assistant

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