Your technology should meet all standards in service, security, and compliance

Educating the next generation is challenging enough without IT headaches – let us take care of IT for you so you can focus on the task at hand.

Good IT people are getting harder to find, and even harder to hold on to. That’s because they want to work for technology companies where their skills and experience can fully shine. Even if you’ve got a real star on desktop support, what about your servers, Active Directory, and Office 365 or G Suite Administration – do you have the expertise on staff to handle all that, and if so, can you keep it?


Windows, Mac, or Chromebooks? What’s the difference if they’re not properly managed and supported? Regardless of which platform you’re on or moving to, we can make it smooth, manageable and secure.

How about having no servers at all? Whether it’s Active Directory, application or file servers, we can fully host and manage them when you’re ready to get out of the server business. All your data and applications, without the headache of managing it all.

Need a high-performance wireless network to cover every nook and cranny of your school, while keeping students, staff and guest networks completely isolated? No problem – we do that too.

When it comes to education and our children, nothing is more important than security – from the wired and wireless networks to web content filtration and endpoint protection – we’re here to make sure your academic computing environment is safely protected.