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What is the cloud?

It is very hard to separate the concept of the physical computer from what the computer actually does. A computer is nothing more than processing power, memory, and storage. As businesses and technology advances, so does the need for more storage, more memory, faster processing, and such. However, none of us appreciates the need for this frequent capital expense, especially for an item that depreciates so quickly and is worth nothing at the end of its life.

RainTech Custom Cloud & Managed IT has taken all the risks and bulk of the expense of that capital purchase and moved it to our acclaimed data center, from which we now deliver your technology as a service via the internet. And this data is dispersed for redundancy to avoid a single point of failure. Your desktops, applications, and data are now delivered fast and secure to anywhere in the world.

As such, the server and server room disappears. It is provided, in IT terms, from the “cloud”.

Why should I move my business to the cloud?

From an accounting standpoint, you eliminate the capital expense incurred with a new server (or servers) and deployment, along with the required operating systems, licenses, and common applications like Microsoft Office. Instead, you transition into an operational expense that you can plan and budget for.

From a technology standpoint, you no longer need to worry about server hardware failures, offsite backup, and expensive maintenance fees. You get rid of hardware and software obsolescence by maintaining the latest versions of the programs and features you need. You don’t worry about upgrades every 5 years because we do them every 2-3 years.

From a business standpoint, you avoid costly downtime and the need to maintain application updates across multiple systems. You gain the ability to work and access your data and applications from anywhere and save thousands on deployment and maintenance costs.

Is the cloud less expensive?

When you take into consideration the cost of hardware, power, software licensing, setup, support, maintenance, and downtime, and add the benefit of location flexibility and business continuity, most companies realize a MINIMUM savings of 30% while others greatly exceed that!

What about the speed of cloud computing?

For the most part, services performed in the cloud are faster than on your current network infrastructure. That is because there is no data travelling “across the wire”. All of the computer desktops and applications are stored on the same infrastructure, so access to data is immediate, unlike a local network which often has to send data across the network cables.

Do I still need my desktop when I move to the cloud?

You can access your cloud services from any device. That includes your current desktop, a “thin client”, home Mac/PC, smartphone, and tablet.