RainTech specializes in Cloud and Managed IT solutions for construction.

From jobsites with rugged conditions and sometimes limited connectivity, to the latest in CAD and Building Information Management (BIM), you need technology that adapts to every part of your construction process.

Estimators need fast and reliable access to the data and applications they depend on from On-Screen Takeoff to cloud-based file synchronization and sharing, making sure that every bid is efficient and on time.

Not to mention, Project Managers need anytime, anywhere access to their applications and data too, often from different devices. They need a managed file structure that gives them access to everything associated with a particular job, while making sure that other project stakeholders can access only what they need to.

Foreman and Superintendents need access to real-time data to plans and drawings, and all from remote devices like iPad’s and tablets.

Construction companies depend heavily on communications with aspects like change management to searchable email archiving and eDiscovery.  

RainTech specializes in Cloud and Managed IT solutions for construction businesses and we get you the result you’ve been expecting but haven’t received from your company technology.

  • We Manage Your IT

    Your systems need to be monitored and maintained to realize peak efficiency. Let us give you 99.99% uptime.

  • Cyber Security

    You don’t have to waste time dealing with cyber intrusions. Let us set up industry leading technology and IT defenses around your business, remote site, or job trailer.

  • Construction Know-How

    It’s easy to find outsourced IT firms that know technology, but you need a company that specializes in how construction firms USE technology. That’s us. We will support your efforts to grow your company by giving you an technology environment that you can rely on 24/7.

  • Cloud Storage

    We specialize in cloud storage for construction firms, just like yours, and will make sure you get the access you need at your jobsites, hotel rooms, and at the office so you can review and manage your proposals, your CAD architecture, bid specs and other files.

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We make sure your people are connected, devices are working, and your jobsites are free of typical IT hassles. It’s our goal to ensure your CAD Operators, Estimators and Project Managers have full-time, high performance access to the data and applications they need.