Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data should be the crown jewel of your business and be treated with respect it deserves.

RainTech specializes in Backup & Disaster Recovery for your business. 

Wherever you turn, it seems like your company runs the risk of losing data because of a malicious act from an advanced phishing attempt, an act of nature, or at the fingers of a malicious hacker.

Your data should be the crown jewel of your business and be protected with today’s best, most innovative tools.

After all, the data inside your business, your customer information, and line-of-business data is important because it powers your organization. Without it, you’re in trouble. The data inside the four walls of your growing company needs to be safe and sound from things like natural disasters, advanced security attacks, and user error.

Which is why a great backup solution to your data is critical. Data that’s managed properly, that’s prepared for any disaster, is the key to growth inside your business.


We have you covered.

The problem lies in the fact that most businesses aren’t prepared to operate when disaster strikes. RainTech’s data backup and disaster recovery service has the plan that prevents pain on your end. It’s a service that’s part of a proven process to solve and mitigate any backup concerns, and help you recover critical business data when disaster strikes.

Our backup and disaster recovery solution is comprised of multiple layers where files are backed up automatically and managed for you. We can even restore data as far back as the first version and ensure security for our backups with 256-bit industry standard, HIPAA-compliant encryption. Our disaster recovery plan makes all your applications, databases, and entire operating system ready to restore in minutes in the event of a disaster. With the combination of these two solutions and the right strategy and action plan, your business can weather any storm.

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