Why RainTech?

Our mission is to provide an experience with IT that is better in every way – a custom, comprehensive experience that’s delivered as a scalable, predictable service.

Large & small businesses rely on RainTech

RainTech has been a leader in IT since 2001. And since we were one of the first IT providers in the nation to offer cloud solutions, we’ve been at the forefront of new and transformative technologies for a wide range of vertical markets. We don’t believe in just maintaining the status quo. Our clients feel confident in knowing that we maintain our own state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure to help us customize solutions based on their individual business needs.

  • Technology as a Service

    The single greatest failure of the technology industry has been its sacrifice of service in exchange for bigger bottom lines. At RainTech, we believe that technology and service is the most effective combination. No one understands better than we do that IT can sometimes be frustrating. That’s why we strive to make that frustration go away the moment you pick up the phone to call us.

  • Single Source Support

    It starts with no hold times. You call our number, hit option 1 for technical support, and a person answers — every time. Not only that, but that person is going to start working on resolving your IT problem immediately. Our support tools allow us to remotely access our clients’ computers in just a few seconds. If a task will take more time, or an engineer needs to be scheduled onsite, we schedule and complete our work around the user’s schedule and convenience. We work around your business, not the other way around.

  • Fast, Friendly, and Qualified

    Our package also includes vendor management. Whether it’s your accounting application, electronic medical records, or even your copier or internet connection, you have one place to call for help. Once we determine where the problem is, we’ll reach out to that vendor on your behalf to report the problem and coordinate a solution. We believe that a help desk should help, and that a customer should never be caught up between vendors pointing fingers at each other.

  • CTO Consulting Services

    You get access to unparalleled experience and consulting services for any and all technology-related decisions, for FREE. Looking at a new application for your business? Shoot us a link or put us in touch with some prospective vendors and we’ll ask the important technical questions about system requirements, integration, and deployment scenarios. Looking for a new scanner or printer? Give us a heads up so we can let you know what kind of network capabilities will help you get the most out of your purchase. Never make a technology decision in the dark again.

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